Week one is a short one.

Time for the obligatory HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Upon waking up at around 11am today (with a bit of a hangover, of course), I reminded my fiancé of this little “money jar” plan of mine. I did something I’ve never done before: admitted how much I actually spend on my impulse buys.

I told him the hard numbers, including that which was mentioned in yesterday’s post. He refuses to believe that I spent so much on restaurants, Starbucks, delivery, etc. even though the numbers don’t lie. (When I asked him to guess how much I spent on those things last year, he guessed $300! Looks like I’m not the only one who is naive about this!) But, it was a big step for me to say, “Hey, I do a piss-poor job at handling our money, and I need to fix that.” I’d like to think I’m starting 2014 on a good note!

Of course, the new year starts on a Wednesday. If I divide up the days, prorated, I have $34 in my allowance for this week. Luckily with the day off from work, we’ll be staying in and have no reason to order in any food. Yesterday, however, we enjoyed our last gluttonous day and hit up our favorite brunch spot for $20 worth of food. To think that one trip would eat up a third of my allowance makes it a little bit more real to me. Crazy.

But, today is a day for leftovers. I had a smoothie for brunch and will happily snack on left over new years snacks from yesterday, rather than insist we walk to Starbucks or order in a pizza.

At some point today I’m going to the ATM to get my cash for this week. Seeing just over $30 and knowing that’s all I’ve got will be, again, very real. I’ll probably take some time today to make my money jar look badass in some way, and I’ll try to reorganize my wallet so that I don’t see my credit cards often. Out of sight, right?

This week is short, but it’s a good way for me to warm up to it. Here’s to an awesome and responsible 2014, folks.

Weekly Allowance: $34.00

Weekly Allowance Remaining: $34.00


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