I bring to you: the jar.

As I write this on my tablet, it’s Saturday night and I’ve spent zero dollars of my mini-allowance for this first, short week. No tricks… just a short work week and lots of snow, locking me in my apartment, well away from Starbucks.


There it is! All $34 in my jar! This may be a simple mason jar, but I’ve decided to make it as focused on the big picture as I can.


I’ve started writing goals on shiny duct tape and sticking them to the jar to remind me of the whole point of this thing.


At any point, if I think of more goals, I’ll add them to the jar. But, for now, it’s pretty simple: house, baby, puppy, and a kick-ass kitchen. We need money for that stuff, and here’s to hoping I’m on my way!

Weekly Allowance: $60.00
Weekly Allowance Remaining: $60.00
Money Jar Status: $34.00



One thought on “I bring to you: the jar.

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