Our first date of 2014.


Thanks to these wonderful AMC “Gold Tickets” that my fiancé received for Christmas, we got to do one of our favorite activities for free on Sunday: go to the movies. (And we have a few AMC gift cards to spend, too, in due time!)

In 2013, we went to the movies 18 times together – and I went twice without him. Yeah… we love the movies more than most people I know. This will be a struggle for me this year, as a lot of great films will be released and with limited gift cards, we’ll have to be careful!

As mentioned, the movie was free… but dinner was a bit tricky. Usually we’d go get burgers down the street from the theatre, but I guess we both knew we had food at home just begging to be consumed. We ended up heading home and eating leftovers and some salad.

So, our first movie and dinner date didn’t impact my budget! But, once the work week starts, that’s when the real challenge will begin. Until then…

Weekly Allowance: $60.00
Weekly Allowance Remaining: $60.00



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