Birthday planning, budget style.

My fiance’s birthday is later this month and I’m still unsure how to handle the gift-buying part of it. Usually (well, before I started living off of this allowance) I wouldn’t care about the money – I’d buy what he wanted on Amazon, not really looking at the price at all, and that’d be it. This time around, it’s different.

First, he asked for something specific: a PS4 controller (so we can play games together). Second, I want to take him out for dinner. In my post about the rules of my little money jar experiment, I mention that gift-giving isn’t to be taken out of my budget. I can’t exactly whittle a PS4 controller for the guy – I’m going to have to buy it. All sixty freaking dollars of it. 😦 I wish I could use my budget for this, but it’s kind of out of the question. I’ve already browsed Ebay and Craigslist but can’t find any decent deals on them. But, I have so many Amazon gift cards – more than enough for the controller. Should I just spend them on this? Isn’t that what they’re for?

Man, I sound like a crazy person, don’t I?

Honestly, at this point I don’t have an answer to the question of if I’ll use the gift cards for this purchase or not; luckily, I have a couple of weeks to figure it out. With dinner, though, I will use my budget because, well, I’ll be eating, too, and it’s honestly no different than choosing to dine out rather than stay in; it just so happens to be a special event. So… I’ll bite that bullet when it comes. Regardless, this birthday will be badass, I hope, and will be budget-friendly, too.

Kind of a lackluster post, I know, but this is what’s going on in my head! At the time of writing this, I haven’t spent any additional money although soonafter I click “schedule”, I will be off to a bar to watch the Patriots. Unlike what I said in yesterday’s post, we are apparently going to a bar to watch the game. Whoops! If my fiance offers to pay, that’ll be great; but, I luckily have some money left this week to help contribute if I have to! 🙂

Weekly Allowance: $60.00
Weekly Allowance Remaining: $36.65



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