Sunday funday: second week in review.

This post is being posted at night instead of in the morning because I had a fantastic weekend that deserves a post of its own! However, I will mention how my spending went down very nicely in week two, even with an impromptu coffee run on Saturday night.


What I’d Struggled With
I didn’t have as much anxiety as I did last week, but I did have a bit of a strange, pitiful moment on Amazon. Luckily I learned from it and moved on.

Where My Money Went
I spent allowance money on coffee (for me) and hot cocoa (for my fiancé) Saturday night, and coffee and a granola bar on Wednesday.

Where My Money Didn’t Go
As usual, I ate free food at the office on days that I forgot to bring my own lunch. I spent non-allowance money on my dentist appointment copay, prescription, electric toothbrush, wedding stuff, gas, and car maintenance.

Total Spent: $26.93
Added to Money Jar: $33.07
Total in Money Jar: $103.72

As of writing this post, I spent money on wine and snacks. Yum and yum. 🙂

Weekly Allowance: $60.00
Weekly Allowance Remaining: $51.74


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