And, we’re back! 3 week update.

So, my bad day is behind us, so let’s get back to it!

What I’d Struggled With
I didn’t really have too much of a hard time this week. I had to turn down lunch invitations from coworkers, but this week was so crazy that I didn’t really have time to go out and about much at all. At my knitting meetup I actually didn’t drink anything other than water, which was weird for me. Haha.

Where My Money Went
I spent allowance money on wine and snacks last Sunday, Dunkin Donuts during the week, and a quick trip to CVS for makeup during the week as well as yesterday for snacks.

Where My Money Didn’t Go
Some free lunches at work, subway and bus rides, and car maintenance and gas.

Total Spent: $21.64
Added to Money Jar: $38.36
Total in Money Jar: $142.08

As of writing this post, I spent shy of $5 on coffee for me and a milkshake for my fiancé. Let this new week be better than the last!

Weekly Allowance: $60.00
Weekly Allowance Remaining: $55.84


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