About This Crazy Idea

I’m not a “shoe girl”. I’m not a “purse girl”. I don’t spend a ton of money on manicures or haircuts (except for a trim once or twice a year) or clothes. But, my money still seems to disappear because… as hard as it is to admit it… I’m still an impulse buyer.

I may not be the typical 20-something who buys Beats by Dre or pre-orders the latest iPhone. But, I do lots of unsavvy things that need fixing, and to do that I’ve decided to do something crazy:

Starting on the first of the year, I’ll spend 2014 forgoing my impulse Amazon shopping sprees and random Starbucks runs, and instead live on a strict cash-only budget. (All normal expenditures – rent, utilities, etc. – will still be paid using credit or checks, though, as well as any necessary travel.) Any week where I somehow miraculously go under my budget at any point, the leftovers will carry over by going into a money jar that I can tap into if I need to.

Aside from the money thing… I have way too much stuff! To add to my money jar, I’ll try to downsize and get rid of the bulk of unnecessary crap in my apartment – craigslist, eBay, yard sale… whatever works!

2014 will be an interesting one: wedding, hopefully our first house, maybe a dog, maybe a baby. We need as much space and money as we can get, so let’s do this.


2 thoughts on “About This Crazy Idea

  1. I think this is a great idea. Many people would do well to follow your example and be a little more careful how they spend money.
    If you’d like some tips on saving money, budgeting, paying off debts, etc, I’ve recently launched a blog that teaches the basics of personal finance. You can go to http://lessonsinpersonalfinance.com/ to check it out.
    I wish you the best in your 2014 savings goals!

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