Saving money as it disappears!

A trust night conference call getting canceled immediately makes me want to do creative things with dinner. I ended up going to the supermarket to pick up a few things to use to make a good pasta dinner. I ended up spending a hair over $10 on shallots, canned tomatoes (on sale for $1 each!), pasta (on sale, too!), spinach, and seltzer. Sadly, this means…

Weekly Allowance Status: $16.93 / $60.00

The bread I’d baked last week went stale so as I type this, another loaf is on the oven. (Money-saving pro tip: bake your own bread!) With a quarter of the old loaf gone stale, and not wanting to waste it, I decided to make bread crumbs!


Simply cut your stale bread into cubes, put in a blender or food processor (I used my Ninja Ultima blender) and pulse until fine. I put it in a mason jar and into the freezer. Done!

Because, who can really eat an entire loaf of bread before it begins to go stale?




Winter Storm “Hercules” is making this first (albeit short) week an easy one for the budget. (See how Boston is surrounded by dark purple? That’d be a foot or more of snow!) Although I worked a half day on 2 January, I didn’t have a reason or the means to do the impulsive, thoughtless stuff I’d usually do. With snow on the roads and carpooling with a coworker, I couldn’t go to Starbucks. Having left at noon, I was able to eat lunch at home.

Speaking of carpooling, I had to do so in order to ensure I’d get street parking spot for my and my fiance’s cars. With the city of Boston under a snow emergency, our street is one of the few in our neighborhood that doesn’t have a parking ban in effect on it! These spots are a premium, so I carpooled with a friend/coworker and left my car in the street to claim my spot.

Then I thought, “I’ll give him a few bucks for gas for his generosity!” Then I realized, “Oh… crap. I can’t. I need that money!” So, I baked him some chocolate-chocolate chip biscotti based off of a recipe he’s complimented me on before. Paying back a friend: $0.

I plan on working from home on 3 January as well, and since we’ll be buried in snow, I won’t have any reason to spend cash. It’ll be a soup-eating, tea-sipping, snuggling-up-to-my-hot-water-bottle kind of day… and it’s cost-free! Bonus: shoveling snow is free exercise.

Stay warm, folks.

Weekly Allowance: $34.00

Weekly Allowance Remaining: $34.00