Sometimes life gives you sour lemons.

Part of the motivation of doing this challenge and starting this blog was so we could save up for a decent down payment on our future home. We’re getting married in May and planned on starting the whole process in the late winter or early spring so we could move when our lease is up in the summer. Well, we’re idiots and accidentally chose the last day of our rental agreement as our wedding date. Whoops. Big whoops.

With our plan a bit screwed up, we figured, “Hey! Our landlord is a cool guy, we’re great tenants… he should totally be fine with letting us have a six month lease or go month-to-month so we have time to house hunt after the wedding! No biggie!” we finally asked him this last week and he responded last night with a simple “The best I can do is a lease end of 8/31.”

While I’m thankful he’s giving us an extra three months, this still means we’re going to have to start house-hunting sooner than planned. On top of wedding planning, I’m going to have to get loan pre-approval, go to open houses, and prepare to be in a lot of debt. But, there’s the good: the sooner we start – the sooner we’re done, I won’t have to go house-hunting with a pregnant belly, we’ll finally be able to get a dog (!!!!), and we’ll end 2014 with a hell of a bang. Plus, it’ll make good blog material. 😉

First step: learn. Neither my fiancé nor I know anything about real estate, mortgage applications, etc. Luckily, in just over a week, our alma mater’s alumni association is having a seminar about first time home buying. Talk about good timing! We’ve already signed up.

Anyway, this week started off easy, so here’s the numbers…

Weekly Allowance: $60.00
Weekly Allowance Remaining: $60.00