Winter Storm “Hercules” is making this first (albeit short) week an easy one for the budget. (See how Boston is surrounded by dark purple? That’d be a foot or more of snow!) Although I worked a half day on 2 January, I didn’t have a reason or the means to do the impulsive, thoughtless stuff I’d usually do. With snow on the roads and carpooling with a coworker, I couldn’t go to Starbucks. Having left at noon, I was able to eat lunch at home.

Speaking of carpooling, I had to do so in order to ensure I’d get street parking spot for my and my fiance’s cars. With the city of Boston under a snow emergency, our street is one of the few in our neighborhood that doesn’t have a parking ban in effect on it! These spots are a premium, so I carpooled with a friend/coworker and left my car in the street to claim my spot.

Then I thought, “I’ll give him a few bucks for gas for his generosity!” Then I realized, “Oh… crap. I can’t. I need that money!” So, I baked him some chocolate-chocolate chip biscotti based off of a recipe he’s complimented me on before. Paying back a friend: $0.

I plan on working from home on 3 January as well, and since we’ll be buried in snow, I won’t have any reason to spend cash. It’ll be a soup-eating, tea-sipping, snuggling-up-to-my-hot-water-bottle kind of day… and it’s cost-free! Bonus: shoveling snow is free exercise.

Stay warm, folks.

Weekly Allowance: $34.00

Weekly Allowance Remaining: $34.00